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The lightning network backend is still in beta and the network is constantly growing and changing. There could be bugs and sometimes there is not enough liquidity in the channels.

We do our best to monitor and take proactive measures. If something doesn't work, try again later. Use this service at your own risk.

We currently impose a soft limit of 0.10000000 per key.

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Analysis of 021a51ca1f15a5d31f78afe4e920cb01cdbfe36aec60aac4ad45374ce05b49c5da@ IntergalacticBtcFund-na-ut1

We found 1 possible zombie channels you can close

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# springcleaning! be craeful!!! 
# the nodes are sorted depending on when they were last seen, oldest one first
# there are two sections, one for lnd and one for c-lightning 
# use at your own risk. or don't

#02c55b405e1d5afc8d59c38ad1eb089f86dc4a296767cf0bc10bc08f51fb382111 Polygon 103 days offline
lncli closechannel --force ca6e3abd8ff325b9086abc49b2123fe4126b5c8ca93edbbc41b5446dd09d8270 0

#02c55b405e1d5afc8d59c38ad1eb089f86dc4a296767cf0bc10bc08f51fb382111 Polygon 103 days offline
lightning-cli close 02c55b405e1d5afc8d59c38ad1eb089f86dc4a296767cf0bc10bc08f51fb382111 60