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The lightning network backend is still in beta and the network is constantly growing and changing. There could be bugs and sometimes there is not enough liquidity in the channels.

We do our best to monitor and take proactive measures. If something doesn't work, try again later. Use this service at your own risk.

We currently impose a soft limit of 0.10000000 per key.

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Enter your nodeid below. Our server will search the network for public nodes that gives you best additional reach with respect to your already existing channels. It does not take capacities or balances into account, but focuses in maximizing the number of nodes reached in a minimal number of hops.

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Analysis of 02b65dbae39dc11c2577c318ebb82696651377be09187b1a9b0364a417a1d96815@ IslandDSP

We found 1 possible zombie channels you can close

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# springcleaning! be craeful!!! 
# the nodes are sorted depending on when they were last seen, oldest one first
# there are two sections, one for lnd and one for c-lightning 
# use at your own risk. or don't

#024bd94f0425590434538fd21d4e58982f7e9cfd8f339205a73deb9c0e0341f5bd CL.rompert.com🔵   no fresh records of being online
lncli closechannel --force 1d26cf88cc05ac61051cdaaa061ccb0655d240f91f5b18b7c1ae54b0001857a0 0

#024bd94f0425590434538fd21d4e58982f7e9cfd8f339205a73deb9c0e0341f5bd CL.rompert.com🔵   no fresh records of being online
lightning-cli close 024bd94f0425590434538fd21d4e58982f7e9cfd8f339205a73deb9c0e0341f5bd 60